Saturday, August 28, 2010

THE LEFT BEHIND - The Ignored Unemployed Suicide Rate

A ramp up in audacity seems imperative by the Democratic Party if they intend to win in 2010 and 2012. They are facing some amorphous, menacing creature in the Republican Party that seems to explode with new and evil appendages daily. It’s a creature that feeds on the fear of the weak and the paranoia of the ignorant. And yet the narcoleptic blue team seems content and oblivious to the threat, peaceful in their complacency. So I have to wonder WTF are they doing?

Frustrated by the lack of a voice the major media could hear, I created this petition on (See link on the right column) And while the impact has been minimal, I think the message is beyond sobering. Tragic is really the word that comes to mind.

These self-absorbed lunatics (The Republicans) seem to believe they are not responsible for the results of their heartless and gutless actions. Their insistence on ignoring the plight of the long-term unemployed has directly resulted in a steadily growing suicide rate amongst those who have finally lost all hope. I expect this number to grow exponentially over the coming months as millions of more members of the "once working class" realize they are ultimately those people who are "in the wrong country at the wrong time".

This whole deal is totally unacceptable. I believe it represents an attempt by the Republicans to eradicate an entire section of the American population. Hey, got to get those numbers to jive somehow, so why not "lean the herd" of all the stragglers, gimps and runts. And so families are brought to ruin, former hard-working Americans are broken and left to bleed out, while the "new elite" continue on as if it is business as usual.

Maybe the news of another unemployment-related suicide makes page 13
of some local rag and the death of another American, directly tied to the Republican’s choice to put politics above people, goes unnoticed, barely as bothersome as a pebble in their Gucci loafer.

And still the Democrats sleep. Shame on them all!

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